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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Barquero Coming to Blu-ray! (US)

Kino Lorber Studio Classics announced that Barquero will be coming to blu-ray in the United States this coming April.  No further details are currently available.  Kino recently released Sabata on blu here in the US.
If you can't wait until April, Barquero is available on blu-ray in Australia, and is fully compatible with US players (and looks great!).  The price is about double that of what I am sure the US disc will cost.
2015 is already looking like a great blu-ray year!


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  1. Great news. I don't have Barquero at all. I saw it in theaters when first released in early summer 1970. Seen it on TV a couple of times but that has been years ago. It will be good to see it again and to study the film a bit. Thanks Aaron for the info. Oh and it was Lee's first starring role in a film made in the U. S. and for a U. S. company.