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Saturday, August 9, 2014

LVC Candid - 1985

Another interesting candid photo



  1. 1985. Let's see Lee was in Jungle Raiders and did a couple of TV spots for Cheetos Corn Chips. It looks as if Lee is still smoking even after having a pacemaker put in his chest. I work with three men in their 50's who have had heart attacks in the last year and all three are still puffing away. Just can't put down the cigarettes. I expect to see them arm and arm dancing around singing "Light up a Luckie, it's light up time" and one breaks into "LS/MTF" Lucky Strike means fine tobacco!! And this fine smooth tasting tobacco is TOASTED which means no loose ends can get into your mouth to spoil the taste. Hey Doc!! Don't worry too much. My dad had an uncle named Henry who smoked Camel regulars, after years of rolling his own, right up until his death in 1978 at age 96. And Frank Sinatra also was a Camel man who lived until 82. Nancy said they buried her father with a pack of Camel in one pocket and a bottle of Jack Daniel in the other. He loved both. And our Lee loved his smokes and his booze but somehow Lee ended up with a bad heart & that stuff didn't do him any good I suppose. Doc. Do you remember the Camel sign in Time Square? Blowing smoke rings out across Broadway above the cars & trucks & buses? I first saw the sign when I was a little kid in 1953 when my dad & mum took me to Manhattan and I just had to watch it for over an hour. It was so fascinating to me. And on the bottom in flashing neon the man was saying "I'd Walk A Mile For A Camel"!!!

  2. Nice pics! :) I wonder what Lee is demonstrating? Is it a slap? I smoke Sobranies BobO.