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Saturday, April 12, 2014

TheBad.net is on Facebook!

Like it or not, social media has taken over the internet, and many of our daily lives.  While there are a handful of great LVC Facebook pages out there, I felt it was time to create one for TheBad.net as another way of bringing new LVC fans together, as well as keeping everyone informed of updates to the website and blog.

My overall goal is to use Facebook as a portal or gateway to the above 3 sites, basically pointing people here if there is a blog or web update, and to raise awareness of these sites. Once people "like" the page, they would be clued in to any updates and would be more likely to make a return visit. Original content would live on the blog and webpage, not FB. If you do not use Facebook, you would not be missing out on anything unique, and LVC discussions would remain on the Web Board. I don't want FB to become a replacement for the Web Board, as it is a simple tool with no need to create an account, etc.

Also, I would also like to take this time to share some web stats with you-
  • TheBad.net averages 1500 page views per day (unknown how many unique users)
  • Web Board averages 200 unique users per day
  • Blog averages 120 page views per day

So now TheBad.net encompasses a webpage, web board, blog, and Facebook.  Just don't be expecting any tweets next!


1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the FB headsup!!! I got there and "liked"!!!! Great idea!!!!