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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Big Gundown - Black and White Press Photos

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  1. These photos remind me of the great 1950's Western comic book artists such as Joe Maneely (my favourite), John Severin and Dick Ayres. These artists, I believe, had an effect on the close ups and framing shots in the work of Sergio Leone. Take a look at an old comic such as Ringo Kid, where Stan Lee and Joe Maneely produced classics of the genre.

  2. Joe Maneely was good. I also liked the art work of George Wunder's "Terry and the Pirates" & Harold Foster's "Prince Valiant" in the comic pages. I think Thomas Yeates who draws "Prince Valiant" now is the best artist in newspaper comics. Well most people have to read many of the strips online now but that is okay. The recent release of The Big Gundown from Grindhouse is getting good reviews & selling well. 3,000 copies were pressed so I guess it will sell out sometime this year. And most reviews I've read talk about how this film had been overlooked all these years & most people don't know about it. And that Leonard Maltin says it's the best non Leone SW. I bought my copy in December & it's the print is excellent.

    Like the black & white press photos. I remember years ago some of the movies I saw on Saturday had color still photos outside the theater near the box office then when the movie started, it was in black & white. This is the reverse. I imagine these pictures were put together for newspaper coverage.