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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Back in the USA!

I have returned from a 2 week vacation in Spain and Italy, and have seen many things.  While only 4 days were dedicated to Spaghetti Western locations, I have been to many places in that time.  From the small towns near Almeria, to the deserts of Tabernas, to the great Sad Hill location itself near Burgos.  I have taken tons of photos, and will have most likely close to 20 posts on various locations! 

Imagine standing where LVC stood in The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, and watching the duel there!  Here is a tease on what is to come....


I will try to do one location posting a week, in addition to a regular post.  I have over a thousand photos to sort through.  I plan on doing side by side comparisons as well as other views of the locations, and information on what they actually are used for now (or in some cases what they were used for originally hundreds of years ago!). 


  1. I bet you felt like Clint, Eli & Lee would suddenly step out from the shadows when you were at Sad Hill. With Sergio yelling though a megaphone. It must have been a gas to be there. I'm so happy you made the trip Aaron & thank you again for providing this place & all the wonderful things you do for us. It's makes my Lee Van Cleef experience so much richer!!!

  2. I know this might sound really crazy but, do you think maybe Lee's spirit could still be there in all those beautiful places in Almeria?
    I wish I could go there someday and just walk in the footsteps.