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Saturday, August 10, 2013

German LVC Interview

Can anyone translate?

Click to enlarge!

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  1. Thanks for posting this, Aaron!

    I used Google Translate because I can't speak German:

    "A veteran Hollywood Interview

    , I love my job and far belong to the old iron "

    He's 35 years in show business, was a villain in countless Hollywood movies, pinched hero of many spaghetti westerns - Lee Van Cleef pulls in cinema a resume

    cinema: When I look at today, the many Hollywood movies where you have smaller roles played in the fifties, I always get the feeling of wanting to call out to the filmmakers:,, man, do you not perceive that their great star potential not exploited here a Lee Van Cleef in the cast list, but would be much higher up! "As you can see now in retrospect this stage of your career?
    Lee Van Cleef: I'm all for slow but steady growth. If I was then very quickly get up, I would probably ended up just as quickly on the abdomen.
    cinema: The big breakthrough came with the Sergio Leone films 1965/66. Was, for a few dollars more is your first film "in Europe?
    LVC: As a star already. However, I had already worked here for the first time, The Young Lions "with Marlon Brando. But the big push came forward then with the leading roles in, For a Few Dollars More "and, Bad and the Ugly". In every interview I will, addressed Bad and the Ugly ", which seems to be everyone's favorite movie. As I was playing the villain, as in the past - not that I would mind that makes me still fun. But I personally liked my role in, for a few dollars more "prefer it because it was more complex: not only bad, but also not the stereotypical hero, but a real character. Something speaks to me. In, The Big Gundown "I played good, but pursued the wrong man to make the screen scarce, and this escaped repeatedly so that the whole thing was a kind of game - a great idea. I'm still excited about the movie. That's what I like to think back, and that's why I love my job today. And I still have not finished the intention to retire.
    cinema: You recently filmed a TV series in the States.
    LVC: Yes, I play the, master, "said that the series is, it is about a ninja master, with historical weapons, etc.
    cinema: Was that your first TV job?
    LVC: As the star of a series: yes. I used very often occurred as a guest star in the series. But that was all before 1965, before it went up. After that, I thought it better to me - I grew up in a different category. Maybe that was not right, because you can reach through the television viewers in the living room - which is also important. Therefore I have now accepted the, master "role. In today's time people are moving less and less to leave their four walls - and the price of movie tickets are also not very inviting. With, wild geese secret code "but I'm sure that people will come - such a good team can not be wrong.
    cinema: In, Bad and the Ugly "in the duel scene there is a close-up of your hand as it reaches for the Colt. And as you can see that the middle finger is missing half a member.
    LVC: This happened to me in 1960, with a table saw when I timbered home.
    cinema: Has Leone finger moved deliberately into the picture?
    LVC: No, it was about the mood, not my finger. But perhaps brought me something in the subconscious to the fingers from the camera to halten.Leone loves close-ups, hands, faces, eyes. And he used it very cleverly. After my films he has, made me play the song of death "where the result was not so beneficial. Zumindset I think. But maybe he had it right. I want to know that right; Leone I appreciate very much and will never forget that he gave me the chance to get to where I am today."

    Gloria :)