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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Return of Sabata - Poster Gallery

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  1. To me this film is not a good as the first Sabata. But the opening sequence shot in studio in Rome is wonderful. Top notch.

    Remember reading in Variety about 1971 about Lee Van Cleef just finished shooting on Bad Man's River & will stay in Europe as he just signed for Return of Sabata.

    Sometime before this, Lee turned down Frank Kramer on Indio Black aka Adios Sabata so they offered it to Yul Brenner & he accepted!! Shortly after Return of Sabata was shot, Yul Brenner turned down "The Magnificent Ride" and Lee Van Cleef accepted!!

    I think Magnificent Seven Ride finally went before the cameras in the LA area of California to be a "made for TV movie" but they changed there mind & released it to theatres. It was a nice comeback for Lee in the U. S. It did good box office in the states.