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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day of Anger Coming to Blu-ray (Japan)


Coming to blu-ray in Japan on December 5th!
Rough translation of what to expect-
  • Specs list this as a Region A disc
  • 83 minute and 109 minute versions of the film
  • Video interview (Giuliano Gemma)
  • TV spot
  • Almeria Then and Now
  • Trailers
  • “Day of Anger"&"Days of Wrath" video gallery (alternate title sequences I assume)
  • Posters and leaflets Gallery


1 comment:

  1. Well I'll watch the 109 minute version:-) There is a good "Almeria then and now" on youtube but with For A Few Dollars More as the subject when it's "then". And someone's rather recent photos of now.

    I loved the Day of Anger poster. Big artwork of Lee blazing away. But when I saw the movie first run in 1969 on the big screen, Giuliano Gemma was billed first. Now I've seen Italian & Spainish posters on the internet & Gemma is billed first on those too. In the U.S. his name was in "fine print" & Lee's was BIG! Gemma was a big star in Italy then and Day of Anger was one of Italy's top grossing films. It was a huge hit in Italy and big B. O. in Spain too.